All futons are handmade with a rugged construction that features full corners, consistent sizes and quality, and no tearing at tufts. Futons have 24 tufts on full and queen sizes to prevent shifting except for the Econolite and Wool futons, which have fewer tufts since these lighter futons don't shift as much. Futons are backed with a five-year warranty on workmanship and materials.

What is inside our futons?

Experience the ultimate comfort and quality that no spring system can provide. Six inches of pure latex combined with thick wool batts for gentle support and superior pressure release. For platform beds or futon frames; two-piece latex cushions recommended for futon frames.

Experience the long-lasting deep feeling of a down cushion, natural insulation and resilience only crimped wool can provide. As a natural fiber, wool feels good and wears well; cool in summer, warm in winter.

For extra softness and thickness, this seven-layer futon is our rising star. Excellent for bi-folds and platform beds.

Resilient, soft and thick. With two layers of convoluted foam, loft is maintained to a greater extent over time. Excellent for bi-folds. Use on tri-folds if you tightly tie down futon in "S" position overnight. Next day, remove ties from futon, which will retain "S" shape on tri-fold.

Both cottony soft to the touch and firm to sleep. Extremely flexible with a layer of convoluted foam for resilience at its heart. Recommended for tri-folds and A-frames.

The answer for your basic futon or guest pad. Weighing only 39 pounds for a full size, this five-layer cotton/foam futon is made with our standard materials and workmanship so you can feel confident about its quality.

Stylish. Edgy. Elegant.